Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Preparing to Look At Homes

You will get the best results when looking at homes if you start out with what the home of your dreams looks like.  Make a list with two columns one with your have to haves and the other your like to haves. Your have to have side should have everything on it that you won’t buy a home unless it has all these things, and your like to haves are that wish list but if you found the right home that didn't have these things it wouldn't be a show stopper.  This list helps keep you on track when looking at homes and prevents you from buying a home you really weren't looking for.  This list will also help your Realtor in finding the right home for you.  Be realistic about the home you can afford (About 30-35% of your pre-tax income on all home costs, payment, taxes, and insurance, is average) and what it looks like. (Your Realtor can help you with being realistic based on the area you are looking in)  Also keep in mind location, location, location is very important. Often times it is better to take a smaller home in a better neighborhood or a home that doesn't meet all your likes in a better school district. 

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