Monday, December 1, 2014

Our Outlook for the Month of December

We have just come off the holiday weekend and ready to begin a new month.  Several reports that effect our economy will be out this week, but housing market reports for November won’t be out until the middle of the month.  Look for those then.
Here are our thoughts for the month of December, home loan rates seem to be holding at an 18 month low.  Building permits for new housing reached it’s highest level since last year, a good indication that builders still believe there is a strong market for new homes going forward.  Both signs of the housing market being strong.
From reports early this morning there was less than expected spending for the Black Friday weekend, which means inflation is in check.  Remember inflation is a key factor in the bond market and the bond market is tied to the mortgage rates. We do have several reports coming out this week that effect the economy, and of course today is the big online shopping day, but at this point it looks like mortgage rates may stay low for the month of December.  Making this still a great time to buy a home.    

Have a great week and enjoy the big countdown to a new year and all the events this season has to offer.

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