Friday, December 5, 2014

Great Ideas for your Smart Phone

Your New Recordkeeping Tool

Image: TECH, December 2014Your smartphone camera can handle more than just selfies. In fact, it can help you save time, keep records, and increase your family's personal safety. Here are nine brilliant ideas for pictures you should start snapping immediately:
  1. Mark where you park so you don't lose your ride in big parking lots. This will help avoid the stress of forgetting where you left your car.
  2. Capture your cartridge. Refill printer ink easily by taking a snap of the cartridge model.
  3. Snap shoes and shirts and never forget your kids clothing and shoes sizes when you spot a great deal.
  4. Get fresh air by keeping the measurements of your home's air filter part number or dimensions close at hand.
  5. Travel in style by snapping your flight and hotel confirmation numbers. Here's how to take screenshots for iPhone and Android.
  6. Kitchen shots of grocery lists from the dry erase or chalkboard will save transcribing time.
  7. Preserve your pets' IDs and vaccination records. If you're out and about and your dog goes missing you can report it immediately.
  8. Corral your kids for a quick pic before attending crowded events, amusement parks or sport stadiums. If you're separated you'll have immediate and accurate descriptions to provide to event security staff.
  9. Screenshot street views and online map routes in case you drive into an area where you'll lose GPS or want to avoid roaming charges.
For more sensitive or private information, keep it hidden in secure password-management apps like Folder Lock and Smart Lock Free. Examples include:
  • Prescriptions and medications to save both names and dosage.
  • Driver's license and passport; include your license plate, too.
  • Rewards programs or warehouse and store membership cards.
These are just a few ways you can use your smartphone's camera to keep track of important information. With a little imagination you'll be inventing your own uses in no time. Happy snapping!

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