Monday, August 21, 2017

What is happening on the market front?

Signs that the economy is doing well are good, consumer spending went up higher than expected in July over June. June was at 0.3 and July was 0.6. Spending makes up about two-thirds of the economy so this is good news.

Housing starts fell by about 4.8% from June due to lack of land available for building and material prices rising. The state needs about 180,000 new housing starts per year to keep up with the population growth and it is building less than 80,000 on average annually.

Feds are concerned about low inflation, no start date for the reduction in the Fed's $4.5 trillion balance sheet, and the housing starts falling which all added up to an increase in bond rates. The increase in bond prices helps the mortgage interest rates stay lower.

All of this adds up to it being a good time to sell as home prices have jumped considerately and interest rates are staying at all time lows. We are starting to see a few more homes coming on the market as people are beginning to sell.

All of the above information is from different reports I have been reading. I have not verified it personally.

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