Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Get Your Home Ready To Sell In Fall and Winter

Many people feel the fall and winter are not the best time to sell, I however question that. You may not have as many buyers out there, but the ones that are tend to be serious buyers. During the spring and summer months people get spring fever and want to make changes, sometimes driven by kids being out of school. We tend to get a lot of "lookie-loos" in the spring and summer, in the fall and winter not so much. If your home is in good condition and priced correctly it will usually sell anytime of year. Below are some tips to make your home more appealing during the fall and winter months;
1. In the fall and winter it is just as important to keep the yard work up, rake fallen leaves, keep gutters cleaned out and make the front of the home present itself well.
2. The simple wreath on the door, welcome mat, or just a warm glow from the front windows invites people in out of the cold.
3. Dark and dull lighting can be a problem in the fall and winter months, so opening up blinds and curtains, turning on some table lamps, a fire place with a warm cozy fire a glow in the rooms can also make the home inviting.
4. Add fall and winter colors, oranges, reds, yellows etc. Easy to do with flowers, throw blankets on chairs, fruit baskets, and pillows.
5. Inviting smells, cookies baking, coffee brewing, scented candles, fire place burning, can all add to a welcoming feeling. DON'T OVER DUE IT!!!
6. As with any time of the year keep clutter down, if your furniture is big and bulky you might want to remove some pieces to the garage or storage to make rooms look bigger. Remember less is more.
For questions or ideas on how to make your home more appealing just give me a call (916) 544-2066. Let's get your home sold

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