Monday, April 11, 2016

5 New Great Business Books to Read

5 Great Business Books You've Never Heard Of
image: group of business people talkingMany people love to read business and inspiration books from popular lists. There are also shelves packed full of other books that are less well-known but still offer great insights and tips for success. Here are five books to check out:

"The Introverted Leader" by Jennifer B. Kahnweiler Ph.D. We seem to live in a world of extroverts. But according to the author, who interviewed more than 100 introverted professionals, many high-profile leaders (including Bill Gates and Warren Buffett) aren't extroverts. This book teaches how to implement Kahnweiler's 4-Ps (preparation, presence, push and practice) to develop skills for bending an extroverted business culture to an introverted temperament, transforming "quiet strength" into great leadership.

"Pour Your Heart Into It" by Howard Schultz. Rapid growth, brand development, marketing savvy ... and coffee. The CEO of Starbucks gives his two shots on turning a small coffee shop in Seattle into a multi-billion dollar brand. If you've ever wanted to understand how to turn your passion into a profitable venture, Schultz's inspiring insights on everything from marketing to customer service will be a treasure trove.

"Lead With a Story" by Paul Smith. Procter & Gamble's marketing strategies are legendary in the advertising world. This former P&G executive, turned keynote speaker and corporate trainer, demonstrates how to craft an outstanding story for yourself, your product, volunteer work, place of worship, or business. Powerful stories can motivate people, shape behavior and contribute to the success of your organization or project.

"Lincoln on Leadership" by Donald T. Phillips. Lincoln is one of the most revered and admired U.S. presidents of all time. This book delves into his timeless leadership techniques and the particular strategies that made him a reckoning force. The book also shares how you can apply them today in business and life.

"You Only Have to Be Right Once" by Randall Lane and the staff of Forbes. Many of the legends of modern business started either with nothing, or with a different business idea that would eventually make them or their companies household names. Forbes editor Randall Lane explains how these leaders achieved their quick wins—and how you can capture some of their magic.

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