Saturday, March 7, 2015

69 Year History of Lyon Real Estate

Why we stand proud:

·         Founded by William Lyon 1946
·         Med Home Price $9,564
·         1st women sales person in 1950
·         By 1960 grew to 10 office
·         Med Home prices $15,100
·         1970 Med Home Prices  $23,100
·         Lyon introduced lawn signs in 1980
·         Purchased 1st digital camera for $15,000
·         1 photo per 31/2in floppy disk
·         First time homes had pictures on line
·         1990, home prices $130,700 
·         Lyon added 5 offices
·         2000’s Lyon went global and founded Leading Real Estate Companies of the World
·         Creates Trend Graphic’s home statistics made easy for clients to understand the market. Today Trend graphic’s is used by all the major brokers.
·         Lyon opens 5 more offices and a top notch training facility to provide highly trained business professionals
·         2006 celebrated 60 years in business and recognized as best business and leadership practices by Sac Business Journal
·         Sacramento Magazine and Business Journal has awarded Lyon as the best Real Estate Company for every year since 2005
·         2005 opened 3 more offices and started a program called FRED  (Realtor Education Day) for all realtors.
·         Today Lyon has the most advanced technology in the industry. Still is the leader among Real Estate Company’s in the Tri County area.  Leading seller of high price homes,  and continues to provide  its agents with top quality training including an attorney on staff to keep us updated on all new paperwork, laws, rules and regulations in the industry.
·         Home values today in Elk Grove are average in the low $300,000, interest rates still holding at all time lows,  new builders are building more and more new homes, and the outlook is very bright for Elk Grove and it’s housing market.

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