Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Have You Considered Solar Energy for Your Home?

                                                  Is the new federal Tax Credit right for you?  

The new era of solar energy is hitting homeowners with a bang.  Solar is more affordable than ever be for, it is easier to have whole house heating (retrofit) now than ever before, tax credits are back, and it looks better on your home than ever before. Here are some facts:

  1. The cost of solar energy has dropped by about 50% since 2007
  2. The demand for solar has increased by 41%
  3. Solar energy now powers over 2.2 million homes in America
  4. People are turning to solar power for the their at a rate of about 360 per day
  5. Tax credits allowing you to write off about 30% of the cost are available 
  6. A lot of programs are allowing people to go solar with no money down
  7. Electric bills are being lowered by about 70%
You can get quotes, pay nothing up front, and take advantage of lower electric bills all while getting a nice tax credit.  We have the names of some good solar company's in the area so call us today to get the names of some good company's.

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